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Erice mostra 1 -11 agosto 1963 Gaetano Azzaro

Art can be considered, in a broad sense, as a lyrical entity” this is the definition of a famous contemporary academic. A painter is person who can express his mood and communicate it to other people through paintings. Azzaro painter from Trapani he is able to follow  this aim, that’s why he doesn’t need to learn by others. He finds inspiring themes from truth and reality that surround him, he expresses the lightness of his feelings painting seaside and mountain landscapes, well combined in a world of memories , desires and dreams with a light sense of pain. The personal and intimate communication towards reality continues with its vibrant rhythm even if he leaves oil paintings to draw with felt pens.

The artist seems to have fun in drawing horizontal and vertical lines that considered one by one haven’t got any particular  feature but looking them together in correct proportioned volumes they let emerge the figure well, without stressing eyes.

Also Azzaro’s  still life paintings are rich of artistic taste and techniques. In his paintings Azzaro deals with the spiritual problem of Man and maybe of a Man whose Fate is to be born and to live in Sicily, sometimes destined to a poor life and sometimes as in “La Mattanza” full of vitality and hope, working and fighting to set free from heavy worries.

In conclusion, the painter Azzaro express in his works the heaviness of his interior troubles with high style elegance and excellent colours combinations, from  whom his particular personality emerges


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