Tonino Maurizi / Recensioni / Marsala – October 19 1963

Marsala – October 19 1963

Each authentic art form, as one of our modern philosopher wrote, doesn’t know classifications or, that is the same, delimitations.

Many terms are only academic attempts to crystallize and determine what the creative ability, the only able one, creates.

For oeuvre I mean a continous renewal and a ever-increasing proposition of originality.

All this, it means that a genuinely creative weave in a wide network of relationships, of  dialectical negations and contradictory positions, the story of his poetic experience.

This truth, in the artistic biography of our young painter, reveals its solid foundations: a world rich, varied, full of secret vibrations, aspirations, regrets, memories, unfulfilled desires, is the poetic fabric of his vibrant work.

And his sentimental and lyrical world moves in its themes, sometimes transparent and magical, sometimes mutable and thoughtful, sometimes important for an agile and unbridled freshness of elegant and sober lines.

All over this world of thrills and spills evocations,  an hot lava tips over with glowing tones, fabulous and unusual chromaticism and sincere native: it is trasforming into an authentic language of art.

PORRO Prof. Dott. Luigi

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