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WU XIAOLEI, art critic

Tonino Maurizi

His series art works, always varnish thorough Red as the main theme, in a different structures change generate order a sense of strong screen. There is a particular beauty that comes from both abstract and figurative critical point of the form of composition, in the rational and emotional between calm the road. His creativity follow the form of hidden time and space, but also strictly modeling framework and limited the arbitrary emotions. This is a set of superior form above the sense of reality, it is the call of the future. His works have art purity in the form of space among cruising, let absolute sincerity of Red with a touch of the determination of bold. Tonino artworks use red interpretation to build up a new meaning. To look it’s simple but powerful, simple and not monotonous, this is the art language belonging to him and it’s different from others. His magnificent composition of the modern ease of retractable, under the threshold of space bloom personality create the most exciting place.

Tonino Maurizi这次展出的作品,总是以清漆透彻的红作为主调,在不同的结构中变化生成秩序感极强的画面。兼具抽象与具象临界点的形式构成,在理性与感性之间冷静的行进,给予人一种有节制的美感。笔触在形式之间时隐时现,严格的造型框架又限定了恣意的情感。这是一组凌驾于形式之上的感性之作,是现实对于未来的召唤。艺术的纯粹性在形式空间之中游弋,让赤诚的红带有一抹坚毅果敢。Tonino的作品,为红色诠释出了新的寓意。单纯而有力量,简约而不单调,这是艺术所赋予的卓而不同。在现代感极强的画面构成中收放自如,在阈限的空间之下绽放个性,是这组作品最打动人心之处。

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